Using Spotify Web API with Python Spotipy, Scikit-Learn, Facebook Prophet and Plotly.



As a kid I dreamed to be a great musical producer, and play the drums and the keyboards on stages around the globe. I’ve been playing instruments and music since I can recall. I had played the drum made with cooking pots and pot lids as cymbals until I got my first drum when I was twelve; then I never stopped composing and playing music. …

Structuralist glance on assessing promotion of economic activities that allow socio-economic development to increase both productive capacity and national income in underdeveloped countries.


What do we think of when we hear the word industry? Depending on the scope we give to this word it will be the focus of the policy that we must think about. A first approximation to its meaning is the classical conception which holds that industry is the manufacturing industry and also which has behind it a certain economic conception of what the limits of this industry are. That meaning comes from the hand of an accounting theory that separates economic activity into three large groups.

Tomás Ezequiel Rau

I‘ve been developing as a BI professional applying DS tools and techniques, performing Data Structuring & Modeling and producing Data Analytics & Visualizations

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